10 Mar 2023

Green Week 2023

Our Values:

Green Week is rapidly approaching! Officially starting on the 13th March all the way to the 18th. With the intent of raising environmental awareness and helping to develop student’s passion for protecting the environment, get ready for this year’s plethora of new events, workshops and projects that the WANBO team has in store!

Let’s do this together:

This year will be the first time Green Week is held back at our new Borrett Road Campus. In particular, the WANBO team would like to use this to redefine how Green Weeks will be led. In this upcoming Green Week, we would like to put particular emphasis on Unity through the collective effort of not just WANBO students but from the efforts of students, teachers & the parental bodies to come together and work towards mitigating the issues that we face in this day and age.

Rather than students from WANBO ‘ordering’ the change, we would like to instead offer the change and work with the different groups of our school to do it together. This can’t be done with teamwork and like our catchphrase “Now’s the time to take action!”


This year, the WANBO team has been working to create a wide range of new, creative & innovative initiatives. Please take a look at the outlined events coming up!

Project Plan: Project Details:
Upcycling Workshops: Within Green Week there will be many fun upcycling workshops for students to take part in! These range from waste paper origami, to making glass necklaces. Be ready to unleash your creativity during these activities that will be hosted in the courtyard at lunchtime from Monday to Wednesday! 
Interhouse Food Carton Collection Competition: Instructions to how too dispose of Tetra Paks:
Bring your own cup From next Monday (13th) to the end of this term (March 31st) you will have the opportunity to collect stamp cards from Island Café where students and teachers can bring their own cup/bottle to purchase drinks instead of using the plastic/paper cups. If students purchase a drink for up to 10 times using their own bottle, they’ll be able to redeem a free drink of their choice (This free drink will only go up to $30) 
Environmental Movie Screening  During Tuesday (14th) & Thursday (17th) there will be nature documentaries that will be broadcasted in the courtyard. Come join us and watch these, as we learn more about our global footprint and the impact we as humanity are having on our planet.  

On Tuesday and Thursday, a knowledge filled documentary will be broadcasted in the library! These will take place at lunchtime, so make sure to go to the library on these two days if you are interested. 

Effects of Meat Industry & Unsustainable Fishing  During this week, students will be taught on the different effects of the meat industry and the current issues with unsustainable fishing. These boards will be placed across the week but students will come on Monday (13th) & Wednesday (15th) too give presentations about these in more-depth. 

Conclusion & Promotions:

We hope this gave you a good idea on how our upcoming Green Week will be like and the events & workshops that we have in place. In the end, this wouldn’t have been possible without the support from the WANBO team but also from the support of the teachers and students as well! These events & initiatives are opened up to all year groups & we’re looking forward to seeing students, teachers & parents participate in these upcoming events! 

If you have any questions in regards to WANBO, feel free to email our Heads and Deputy 

Heads: Clement Kwan [12R] ~ clement.kwan@online.island.edu.hk & Hannah Wu [12D] ~ hannah.wu@online.island.edu.hk 

Deputy Heads: Zoe Tan [10E] ~ zoe.tan@online.island.edu.hk & Megan Chan [10D] ~ megan_yh.chan@online.island.edu.hk 

For more regular updates and announcements on the project, as well as opportunities for students to get involved in WANBO’s initiatives, please follow their Instagram page @iswanbo.