5 Mar 2019

Green Week 2019

From ‘no power hour’ to bat boxes made from recycled materials Island School’s environmental council organised Green Week from 25 Feb – 1 Mar 2019.

Green Week is an annual event which see students celebrate the sustainable activities they have been undertaking throughout the year. It also challenges staff and students to adopt greener practices, such as using their own cutlery rather than using the single-use cutlery available at the canteen, so as to reduce waste generated.

Working with the Up Cycle Club, students joined together in building bat boxes to enhance the biodiversity at the campus. A dress green and blue day was arranged and the whole school participated in a “no power hour”. At both campuses, students and staff turned off the lights, air-conditioners, laptops and other electronic devices to reduce their carbon footprint. Year 8 students spoke passionately about environmental issues in the playground calling for action (photographed above).  House teams also competed in the power generating competition to produce the most power on rowing machines. Episodes of “Blue Planet” were screened during lunchtime, showcasing some of the ocean’s most incredible biodiversity.

Ross Burrough, Head of Explorations said, “The main aim of Green Week is to build on students’ empowerment and awareness of the world, as well as allowing them to explore ways in which they can help to build a greener and more sustainable planet.”