5 Mar 2021

Gloria Leung Wins Hong Kong Outstanding Student Award

Massive congratulations to Gloria Leung (13E) for winning the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award 2019-2020.

Initiated by The Lion & Globe Educational Trust in 1985, The Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award is one of the most prestigious awards for secondary school students in Hong Kong. The Award aims to encourage promising students with outstanding academic, extra-curricular and community service achievements, and morality. More than 1,200 students have been recognized in the past 35 years.

Gloria (right 5) with Prof. Frederick Ma, GBS, JP (Panel Chairman), Ms. Norris Lam (Chairman, Youth Arch Foundation) and fellow winners of the Award.

From over 300 participants, 10 candidates were chosen as the final winners. Participants went through 4 rounds of various tests and interviews, including written tests in Maths, English, logic and reasoning abilities, an Assessment Camp – evaluating their leadership ability, teamwork and problem-solving skills. Students were eliminated at each round. The finalists were then asked to explain their vision for the future and issues they are passionate about. Finally, around 20 students attended an interview with the panellists in which the final 10 winners were chosen based on their academic credentials and extra-curricular achievements.

Gloria expressed gratitude for her teachers, “I am beyond grateful for all the opportunities that Island School has provided, and for all the teachers who have shown me nothing but endless support throughout my journey here! A huge thank you to Mr Nason for writing my reference and believing in me since day one.”

In her interview with Modern Media, Gloria recalled that she was rejected by nine out of the ten primary schools she applied for. When she was little, she participated in a public speaking activity at the age of 7 and only received a participation award. She did not let these challenges beat her, instead, she viewed them as learning opportunities.

“Learn to accept failure. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, whether it be once, twice, or for the tenth time, don’t stop believing in yourself, keep going and push harder,” said Gloria when encouraging her fellow students in Hong Kong.

She is also grateful for the support and encouragement her parents give her.

“I am truly grateful that they [her family] never showed any negative emotions in front of me. They always encourage me to continue trying, and taught me that hard work may not guarantee success but it is nevertheless required if you want a chance to succeed. I think this mindset really benefited my personal growth and drive.”

“And just do it! Don’t let your fears, anxiety or uncertainty hold you back – because opportunities don’t just approach you, you need to take that first step. Do not let yourself regret not trying things.”

Gloria plans to study Law at university. She aspires to empower people in need with her legal knowledge after completing her studies, helping people to understand and access the legal system.

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Podcast: RTHK Radio 3 Common Room 

Video: Click here to watch Gloria discussing about racial inequality in Hong Kong with one of the fellow winners.