16 Dec 2022

Global Politics and MG20 Club Term 1 Successfully Concluded

Students discussed international relations and politics in the Global Politics Club throughout Term 1.

The Global Politics Club serves as a platform for students passionate in politics and things happening around the world to explore and gain knowledge on global issues, developing a deeper understanding and evaluation on these issues, whilst sharing their views with other club members and brainstorming ideas for potential solutions to make the world a better place. 

The Island School Model Group of 20 was also hosted on the 16th November, club members stepped into the shoes of high-ranking officials from the world’s largest economies and international organisations. They worked with their peers to come up with creative solutions to achieve global prosperity through a common vision. Members developed a high level of knowledge on the theme of digital economies by investigating the diverse perspectives countries have on it.

“The club leadership team were grateful that the first term was a huge success and a great start for the club in Borrett Road, everyone has actively participated in the activities. Looking into the future, more interactive and exciting activities and events are being planned to create an even better experience for all club members.” stated club leader Angus Leung (12N).

“The club has aspired for me to learn more political questions and I really enjoy the fruitful discussions,” said Ella Chan (9E).

Wen Kye Phua (12R) also said, “The club activities are very engaging and we are all excited to look at different global issues.”

The success of the club was also acknowledged by Ms Anny Kim, teacher supervisor, “The students have been working very hard in the club, they are always well prepared for discussions. I look forward to the upcoming club sessions in term 2.”

Students who are interested can take on this chance to have fun whilst developing useful skills and looking into international affairs that interest them, fill in this form to sign up for the club.