9 Dec 2022

Connected Communities Committee Featured on RTHK Common Room Radio

Students from the Connected Communities Committee spoke to RTHK Common Room on spreading awareness about the Committee’s initiatives, visions and endeavours.

Heads of Committee Sam Hui (13W), Joseph Lau (13D) and Wilson Siu (13R) started on Monday by introducing their motivations for establishing the Committee before sub-committee members made further detailed commentaries about this event on subsequent dates.

Wilson Siu (13R), Head of the Connected Communities Committee, exclaimed, “In the long term, we endeavour to expand the Committee and broaden our range of operations. We envision making tangible and practical impacts by enhancing Hong Kong’s living circumstances, offering local students more targeted enrichment opportunities, etc., or even enhancing facilities in certain neighbourhoods to improve experiences.”

The following sub-committee members and leaders appeared throughout are as follows:

  • Tuesday: Chloe Wong (10D), Sania Mahita (10W), Audrey Leung (12E) and Tiffany Teh (12E)
  • Wednesday: Yelena Bracovic (10W), Christy Park (10E), Anabelle Lee (10E) and Kanna Takayama (10E)
  • Thursday: Sabrina Cheung (10W), Hanna Shih (10R) and Isabella Chow (10E)
  • Friday: Rhianna Kim (10E), Leanna Ho (10R), Hava Lee (10R) and Sara Barreto (10R)

Sara Barreto (10R), a sub-committee member of the Committee, commented, “Founded only for around two months, this Committee has expanded exponentially in terms of scale and impact, growing into a schoolwide phenomenon that everyone wants to be a part of. We now have over 50 dedicated core members striving to make a difference. We hope to expand this committee beyond our school and extend our outreach to places other than Sha Tin. Future initiatives might focus on boosting living standards in Hong Kong, providing local students with more specialised enrichment options, or even modernising facilities in certain communities to enhance experiences”.

Looking ahead, the Connected Communities Committee aims to further increase publicity about our initiatives as more robust connections get built between the school and the wider community. With more large-scale events hosted during Term 2 in 2023, please remember to stay tuned for what events the committee will host!

Article by Ava Au Yeung (10D) and Nicholas Tsang (10E), Human Resources, Publicity & Outreach Sub-Committee