9 Dec 2022

G4 Science Project Dec 2023

Can a penny dropped from the Empire State Building kill? Does 10,000 steps a day keep you healthy? Does eating chocolate give you acne? These are just some of the questions that the Year 12 students have been investigating during the G4 Project under the ‘bad science myth’ theme.

The G4 Project brings together students studying G4 subjects, including: Computer Science, Environmental Systems and Societies, Sports, Exercise and Health Science, as well as the traditional Sciences.  Over two days, students work in interdisciplinary teams and collaborate on tasks that may well lie outside their own specialisms and discover how their different areas of expertise can enhance a project.  Students develop their own focused research questions, plan and develop their methodology, conduct experiments, analyse their results before presenting their conclusions. This culminates in a video presentation, then students peer assess each other’s work.  Teachers and technicians also vote for the team that has demonstrated the best Science and the best Theory of Knowledge content. 

This year, the project was led by Mr Darryl Hood, the Deputy Head of Science for IB. “The G4 project is an excellent opportunity for our students to collaborate in an open-ended investigation.  This year, I’ve been particularly impressed with the way the students have embraced the interdisciplinary approach, as well as integrated Theory of Knowledge, making the most of this collaborative opportunity”