27 Oct 2017

Geographers Gather Data In Sai Kung Country Park

The IGCSE geography students gather data for fieldwork reports in Sai Kung Country Park, 27 October 2017.

Vice Principal, Justine Oliver, “It’s always fun to learn outside of the classroom and it doesn’t get much better than working with your team on a sunny day by (and in) the water! Measuring such features as wetted perimeters, turbidity and velocity, geographers built and consolidated key geographical skills.”

“They also enjoyed the chance to work with their teammates and build friendships and expertise. On the way back to base Geography Teacher, Mr Sims revealed his hidden talents as a buffalo herder!”

“Geography has been noted as one of the ten recession proof degree subjects and brings together subjects such as biology and climatology with economics, history and politics. Through this fieldwork experience our Island School geographers have developed their understanding of how human and physical systems form and change the surface of the earth. This will enable them to better understand the relationships between the physical environment and society and to make well-reasoned and principled judgments.”