19 May 2016

Funds From the Sale of Raffle Tickets Helps Students Achieve Their Dreams.

Dear Parents

Thank you for supporting the Island School raffle, money raised from sales is used in two ways: to purchase resources for the school and it provides grants to students from local schools who need support.

The funds are donated through the Nicola Myers and Kenneth McBride Fund and those who have received a grant have written to say thank you and to explain what they use the money for. Many students spend the money on text books, extra tutoring sessions or travel expenses. Below are some comments from the students’ thank you letters:

Student A: “After receiving the grant, I can spend more money on buying reference books, such as Biology DSE exercise books. With the grant, not only can I get ready for the upcoming DSE examinations, but also alleviate the financial pressure of my family. The grant has really helped me so much!”

Student B: “I come from a poor family and my parents can just earn enough to keep the wolf from the door. I did not have a chance to join any extra-curricular activities. After receiving the grant, I can join different activities to widen my horizons. I can also buy more learning materials. It helps me to prepare for exams effectively.”

Student C: “My dad has passed away, my mum is suffering from frozen shoulder and is not able to work. I don’t have enough money to buy any supplementary reference books, not to mention joining any activities. With the grant, not only can I buy some exercise books to improve my academic results, I can also join some eye-opening activities to enrich my life.”

The NMKM fund was set-up following the death of two Island School students in year 1985.

Thank you again for supporting the raffle, the money raised is changing lives.

PTA Co-chairs Sonali Laul and Christine Brendle