20 May 2016

A sociologist, an architect and a town planner walk into Island School…

A sociologist, an architect and a town planner introduced a new project, to the students from the Architecture Elements course on the 19 May 2016. Students will consider how they might redevelop Central Market  and a site in Tai Hang.

Ho Hon Leung, Ph.D. Sociology Professor at State University of New York College in Oneonta explained his work – supporting town planners and architects in the development of communities. He explained how students can approach the question: What urban environments and buildings help create a social context in which people can flourish?

Member of Hong Kong Institute of Planners, Lisa Cheng told students:  “Think critically and systematically but backwards! My goal is to create: good jobs for people, kids with good report cards and communities with meaning. All planning is done with this in mind.”

Raymond Lau, Chartered Architect with the Royal Institute of British Architects said that he needs to work in collaboration with social thinkers and town planners to create structures that make people feel, safe in inclusive neighborhoods.

On a visit to central market, next week, students will research the area and canvas public opinion, see how people currently interact with the site and then consider what adjustments could be made to improve it. At the end of the year they will present their findings to the district council for consideration.

Vice Principal Gareth Stevens and teacher of the architecture course said: “This project is about students understanding how design impacts on our lives and how essential it is for a multi-disciplinary approach that leads to a full understanding of end users’ social, emotional and psychological needs”