22 Jun 2017

Farewell from Dr ​Gilbert-Sáez Vice Principal 

Dear Island School Community 
It is with much joy that I communicate to you my appointment as the new Head of Rotterdam International Secondary School in the Netherlands. This means that I will be leaving Island School at the end of this term to take up this new role.
 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, my beloved students and parents, for your continuous support and passion for the education that Island School offers. I know full well how much my time at Island School has contributed to my own development both personally and professionally and I thank all of my colleagues for their help with this, especially Chris Binge under whose leadership I have come to appreciate what it truly means to be a leader.
On behalf of myself and my family, a massive and sincere ‘Thank you!’
 I wish the very best to you all, now and in the future, with the firm belief that you feel, as I do, forever an Islander.
Dr ​Gilbert-Sáez
Vice Principal