20 May 2021

ESF Synergy Competition 2021

A group of Year 7 students participated in the ESF Synergy Competition hosted by Shatin College early this month.

A creative and collaborative challenge, Synergy was a group competition across ESF that aimed to bring creative minds together to solve demanding and open ended questions. Participants were asked to submit a video of their chosen challenge in one of three categories: Language and Literature, STEM and Humanities.

From script writing, filming to video editing, the Year 7 students undertook all the tasks themselves. They made use of props and body language to show what characters they were in the video.

“It was hard because we only got 4 lessons to finish all the tasks, but we did it at the end and we were very proud. The process was fun – we got the chance to act and express ourselves in the film. We would definitely participate again!”, the teams recalled.

The team of Charmon, Kavin, Brigitte, Ethan and Bernard were given a special mention by the judges for their creative, intelligent and out of the box thinking. Well done to everyone.

From left to right: Emma Kim (7E), Michelle Hung (7E), Jasper Chung (7E), Caden Wong (7D), Micah Chan 7E (absent)


From left to right: Charmon Lam (7F), Brigitte Wu (7F), Ethan Kwok (7F), Bernard Ching (7F), Kavin Sudalai Rajkumar (7D)