21 May 2019

English Lessons with Kindergarten Children

With balloons and ukuleles, Island School students have been teaching English to kindergarten children from the local community.

Every Thursday afternoon, a group of Year 8 students, supported by Deputy Head Boy Kaven Wijeyekoon, host children visiting from homes close to the Sha Tin Wai campus. Together they sing, play with balloons, colour in pictures while practising English.

This is the second year the kindergarten English lessons have been running. Hannah Lee is one of the group leaders she said, “We encourage the kids to learn English by rewarding them with games, treats and all sorts of fun surprises. I really enjoy doing this on Thursday afterschool because it’s fun. We can also connect to the local community.”

“In the beginning it was difficult because there were a lot of kids, and only a few of us, so we didn’t know how to get them under control, but we quickly worked out all we needed to do was give them a few balloons to entertain them while we did sing-alongs!”

“The kids are all super fun to be around, and they’re very co-operative too. We all had a blast doing this!”