21 May 2019

Cracking CAS – People and Projects (II)

As Year 12 students hit the half-way point in their Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) commitments we look at some students’ achievements to date.

Vanessa Lo was a prefect at Quest Week’s Year 7 Camp. She was in charge of organising activities, and acted as a role model for the younger students, someone they could learn from and look-up to.

During the camp, Vanessa and other leaders planned and organised a “crystal maze” style challenge, a hike on Tap Mun, and inter-House competitions.  She recalls one of the most challenging parts was to organise the inter-House dance competition. She spent time with the younger students, got to know them individually and learnt to be patient and was proud of their outcomes.

“It [camp] was a rewarding experience. I identified my own strengths and I think demonstrated my ability to undertake new challenges” said Vanessa.

As well as being a camp prefect, Vanessa was also a Public Relations committee member for Anaia (the annual fashion show), an English Library Assistant (supporting younger students with reading activities) and she took dancing classes.

Catherine Choi was a member of the articles team for the “Islander”, Island School’s yearbook. She wrote some articles, and along with the other team members, collated and edited articles and reports for the publication. She explained that through this process, she has not only met her set goals but she has become more familiar with planning and initiating activities, plus she feels she improved her communication skills.

Catherine’s other CAS activities include the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) leadership team and participating in cardio fitness sessions during lunch breaks. She is also volunteering at the Chicken Soup Foundation, her House charity.