2 Dec 2022

Culture Team @ Christmas

The Culture Team invites you to support two very important charity at this time of giving:  Mother’s Choice and  Zubin FoundationLet us welcome the spirit of giving as Christmas approaches! 

Firstly, we’d like to welcome you to take part in our Island School Gift of Hope campaign, which aims to donate needed supplies to the Mother’s Choice charity; you’ll see more specifics in the newsletter! Mother’s Choice is a Hong Kong-based organisation that provides homes for children without families, and simultaneously assists many pregnant teens. Their mission is for every child to grow up in a loving family. Our second charity this Christmas will be the Zubin Foundation; their mission is to tackle ethnic barriers in Hong Kong, and support ethnic minorities through daily troubles and discrimination they may face. 

Please watch these videos (Mother’s Choice / Zubin Foundation) if you would like to know more about these charities!

Secondly, we’d like to introduce you to this year’s Christmas events. This includes the annual tradition of Find the Elf, our returning Candy Cane Delivery, Decorating Christmas Cookies, Christmas Carol Singing and Dress Up Day! There will also be an ongoing Interhouse Door Decoration Competition, so please do collect the materials for it in a designated section of the library after the 5th of December! All proceeds this Christmas will go to Mother’s Choice + the Zubin Foundation, and we’ll elaborate more on our events in our upcoming morning assembly.

We’d also like to thank the PTA for all their assistance and support for this event; it would not have been possible without them. A particular thank you to Ms Nongdhar, Mr Kasubhai and Ms Vittachi for their help as well!

Until then, thank you for reading, and we hope to see you having fun during Christmas this year!

From the Culture Team Heads (Hannah LEE [12R], Katie ADAMS [12W]) / Dep Heads (Tin Yuet Ava AU YEUNG [10D], Natasha LAM [10E]).

Feel free to email us if you have any enquiries!