13 Dec 2018

Councillors, Community and Island School

Students and staff from the Tai Wai campus have been visiting local residents in the community since May 2018. The visits and their outcomes have been planned with the District Councillor of the Sun Chui Estate Mr Raymond Li.

Maryanne Mcphee, Teacher of History, who has been helping to plan the community visits said, “It has been a great opportunity for students to engage with local residents and hear their stories.”

“The visits have inspired students to develop their own local community projects including a Christmas afternoon tea and activities in the Community Library.”

On the 11 December students from the Sha Tin Wai campus began their community visits with Pok Hong Estate District Councillor Mr Sunny Chui. Students gave residents flowers grown by Geography Teacher Mr Davis and the gardening club. The visits will continue on both estates during term two.