15 Sep 2015

CAS Fair is the start of things to come

IMG_2242editOutside organisations and school societies explained to visitors at the CAS (Creativity, Activity Service) Fair on Friday 11th Sep how students can use their time to – make a difference!

Students can dedicate their time to fundraising and campaigning for a host of organisations such as the Clean Air Network, Mother’s Choice or the Island School Social Justice Group. With more than twenty groups represented, at the Fair, and numerus activities to choose from students might decide to become involved in more than one group staging a production with the drama club one year and training for a sedan chair race the next.

Mr Spanos Teacher of Maths and CAS Coordinator said: “The CAS Fair is just the start of things to come. Students now work together on the issues and projects that are important to them and their creativity and energy means that this year they will raise thousands of dollars for charity and make changes that will have a meaningful effect on individuals’ lives.”IMG_2259edit