25 Oct 2018

Business Manager

The Business Manager sits on the school’s leadership team, promotes the school to external parties / community, leads support staff in all areas of the school, manages the finance, administration, operations and organisation processes and line manages support staff. The Business Manager also liaises with staff, ESF Centre and key external stakeholders to ensure effective non-education related leadership and management of the school.

Main Accountabilities

Governance and Compliance

  1. Ensure compliance with relevant ESF and school policies and procedures and resolve or escalate matters of non compliance, as appropriate
  2. Develop and maintain school’s policies and procedures to ensure compliance with relevant Hong Kong legislation as they apply to the school, and to comply with the school accreditation requirement,
  3. Advise the Principal, the School Council, PTA and ESF Centre (if appropriate) on all matters connected to compliance


  1. Consult, evaluate, implement and manage ESF and school policies such as Procurement, Asset management, Engaging External Service Providers
  2. Manage the school’s delegated, allocated budget and budgeting process, including all teaching and non-teaching staff costs, operational costs and capital project budgets
  3. Create and maintain budget projections in all of the areas listed above
  4. Provide reports, advice and guidance to relevant budget-holders
  5. Manage school’s resources within delegated authority and budget
  6. Manage the school assets and asset register
  7. Manage procurement procedures for the purchase of resources including the preparation and administration of major school tenders, e.g. new building projects, cleaning, security, catering, network,
  8. Assist and/or conduct training for all staff members to obtain a higher level of understanding towards fiscal policy and
  9. Develop and generate non-fee based income from sponsorship, corporate and donor support


  1. Manage the school’s administration, facilities, site and buildings including maintenance and security
  2. Lead site development projects and maintain close liaison with relevant internal and external third parties (example: project architect/manager.)
  3. Co-ordinate in the development of the school’s administrative systems and as appropriate, liaise with ESF Centre on same
  4. Manage school lettings with both internal (ESL) and external providers
  5. Responsible for the Buildings/Environment to ensure the school is a safe and eco- friendly environment including Health and Safety Officer responsibilities.
  1. Sit on, chair and drive change through school stakeholder committees such as Health & Safety, Finance Committee etc.

People Management

  1. Maintain oversight of support staff functions including performance management, professional development and other relevant human resources
  2. Conduct regular strategic review and re-design of support staff structure and job roles to maximise work and cost efficiency while catering for staff career development and staff retention
  3. Leads, manages, reviews and advises on the selection, hiring, interviewing and employment of support staff

Relationship Management

  1. Consistently champion and uphold school core values and foster caring, professional
  2. Constant contact with all staff members to efficiently and effectively support teaching and
  3. Represent the school in managing non-educational, non-teaching accountabilities with internal and external stakeholders;
  4. Promotes the school’s image via liaisons with PTA, alumni and wider
  5. Liaise and manage external contractors
  6. Liaise with other Business Managers to ensure consistency as much as possible, across ESF
  7. Model exemplary professional practice
  8. Contribute to the creation of the school learning community, fostering a spirit of inquiry, innovation, trust, professional learning and reflection
  9. Promote high standards and expectations through supporting performance

Performs other duties and assumes accountabilities as apparent or as delegated, including mutually agreed upon objectives.

Typical reporting relationship – Principal

Act as a full member of the School Leadership Team

Minimum typical education
Degree with major in business management, accounting or equivalent Post-graduate degree in finance, business management is desirable
Minimum typical experience
10-15 years in organisational/financial management role
Core Professional / Technical Competencies required

Abilities (required)

  • Manage an allocated budget
  • Ability to take responsibility, work under pressure, take decisions and meet deadlines
  • Multi-task across financial and operational matters
  • Manage staff
  • Integrity and discretion
  • Liaise with internal and external stakeholders
  • Quickly adapt to change
  • Ability to work in an ambiguous environment
  • Team player
  • Self –starter

Knowledge (Desirable)

  • Hong Kong legislation

School environment