29 Oct 2021

Breast Cancer Awareness Week

To mark Breast Cancer awareness week, fun events were hosted by Fleming house in collaboration with HK Breast Cancer Foundation on 28 and 29 October.

The students started off the week by learning about breast cancer, such as the causes and consequences, and the courses of action they can take to support this initiative. After being introduced to the HK Breast Cancer Foundation and their current plans, students visited different stalls where they could purchase pink ribbons, braided bracelets, beaded bracelets and face masks. The most popular was the hair spray stall, which all ran out before registration started.

All of these donations will be sent to the HK Breast Cancer Foundation, where they will use it to conduct research and advocacy for better breast cancer care in Hong Kong. Alongside were fun carnival games with prizes and live performances; these fundraising events made an enjoyable experience for the students.

Finally, on October 29th, the annual dress pink day took place. Students came in wearing various shades of pink, showing their support while fundraising for HK Breast Cancer Foundation. Teachers also enjoyed a “Pink Picnic” in the staff room.

A member of the charity team Channan Ng (12F) said: “I’m really glad our hard work has paid off! We advertised around the school and made announcements during thrive, and we’re really proud of the results we had today! I think it was amazing that so many people came in dressed in pink; our hair spray stand was extremely popular and everybody’s having a lot of fun.”

Overall, Fleming has raised an amazing amount of HK$27,714.50 for the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation. With all the fun activities and donations, the breast cancer awareness week was a big success.

Article by Aileen Bai Yang, Media Team