19 Jan 2018

Bang The Drum

Elements courses Now That ‘s What I Call Music and World of Dance found their rhythm this week at the African drumming workshop, led by  Drum Jam.

The visiting musicians taught students how to follow a band leader’s cues and work together as a group. The challenges got harder throughout the workshop with students creating their own beats and following the rhythm of a dancer.

Danielle Leung 9W said, “I really liked the sound of the complicated African rhythms we made. I found it quite relaxing to listen to. On the other hand, the dancing was quite tiring but great fun.

Sara Postacchini 9E said, “I was feeling a bit intimidated at first but my confidence grew as the workshop continued. Once I got moving I had great fun with both banging the drums loud and dancing energetically. It made me open up!”

Phil Tudor, Music Teacher said, “It is really important for artists of different disciplines to work together. This workshop asks dancers to make music and musicians to dance. What an exhilarating way to get students out of their comfort zones.”