5 Jul 2021

Celebrating our ‘Hidden’ Community – Artworks Elements Exhibition 2021

Painted Portraits have traditionally been used by the wealthy and famous to show their status and importance in society. The Elements ‘Artworks’ students wanted to celebrate the often ‘hidden’ but valuable members in our Hong Kong and school community. They wanted to show our diversity.

Students chose people who they felt it was important to celebrate, so you can see local fish traders, domestic helpers, grandma’s and grandads…they also wanted to celebrate the often ‘hidden’ characters in our school community and so there are portraits of our security guard, cleaners and technicians.

The students are from year 9 to 11 a mix of art and non GCSE art students – none of them had painted a portrait before so it was a real challenge, especially as they decided to go large scale.

Click below to watch the highlights of the exhibition.