6 Mar 2020

A message from the Island School counsellor – managing stress

Dear Students,

In these challenging times it is important to monitor your stress levels. We know that so much is outside your control and we are unable to influence that, but what you can control is how to respond to stress as individuals. 

The Stress Container

The easiest way to explain stress is to talk about the stress container. We all have one and at various times in our lives it can be a different size and therefore we can cope with different amounts of stress. It is important that when our stress container is filling, we use appropriate coping strategies to reduce the stress level, such as exercise, mindfulness, talking to someone and positive connections with friends and family.

Watch this cool Youtube video about the stress container – it’s important to be aware of your stress container and have appropriate ways that you can reduce stress. 

The other important thing to consider is your perception of stress. Stress is our body’s innate ability to try and help in a situation. Even the ‘bad’ types of stress is an effort from our body to help. Research highlights that when you experience stress you have the similar physical symptoms for stress and anxiety as you experience when you are excited. Here is a short clip which explains that by making small changes, you can reduce the level of stress that you are experiencing

It is important to have your own toolbox of strategies that assist you to destress and unwind, and that you have regular sleep, eat healthy and do exercise. 

If you want to develop more strategies, please reach out to one of the counselling team who will be able to assist. Alternatively, talk to your tutor or SHOH or parents.

Here is the link to other resources you can use with more resources added each week and we will also  start to post motivational info on the school Instagram account so please make sure you follow us @islandschoolhk. The weekly Thrive information also contains ideas. 

Please feel free to email me at shirralee.sisson@online.island.edu.hk or whatsapp me on 9727 5978 during school hours. 

We hope you stay happy, healthy and well.

Best wishes,
Shirralee Sisson