15 Oct 2019

ISPTA Ltd. AGM 2019 – Election Result

Yesterday, we held the ISPTAL AGM, and our new 2019-2020 committee has been appointed:

Tania Shao (8E/8E) – Chair
Tarja Joro (10N/11N) – Vice Chair
Alex Chin (12F) – Hon Treasurer
Manju Anand (9W/12W) – Hon Secretary

Committee Members:
Alefiyah Ebrahim (12E)
Kathrin Leung (7E)
Jennifer Seeto (8N)
Lamey Chang (7R/9R)
Mechelle Yu (7D)
Rosanna Nongdhar (8W)
Soundari Mukherjea (13N)

We look forward to a great year, and hope to see you all at ISPTA events!

Kind regards,
Tania Shao
Chair, ISPTA



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