21 Sep 2018

Community English, The Write Partnership

Community English, a new extracurricular group, has partnered with neighboring school Ng Yuk Secondary School and together they have written many children’s books soon to be available in the community library.

A total of 18 books have been collaboratively written by Island School students and students from Island School Tai Wai’s neighboring school Ng Yuk Secondary. The children’s books are part of a series of activities planned by IS students to help develop the reading and speaking English skills of their NYSS counterparts. Currently the Community English group are planning on hosting monthly whole school assemblies on a variety of topics.

The idea to start the Community English project came from the students from last term’s Writers’ Block Elements course, who worked with Form 1 students to develop their writing skills by creating children’s books. The project started in February and all the stories written since then are original works. They include tales of marauding pirates, Hong Kong based superheroes and how best to pursue your dreams. The Writers’ Block students wanted to continue working with Ng Yuk Secondary School after their Elements course came to an end.

Ms Eves, said, “The students worked really hard and created some fantastic stories together. They were keen to continue the connections they’d made, so organising a regular activity where students from the two schools could come together after school seemed a great idea. We currently have 18 IS and 28 NYSS students signed up for the activity.”

The books have now been printed and a book launch has been planned, with all students involved, their parents and NYSS staff have been invited to attend. The books will then be available to read in the Tai Wai community library.

Island School and Ng Yuk students will also continue the writing partnership, starting again in February, when the Writers’ Block Elements group and a new set of Form 1 students will work together to write new stories.

Click on the links below to see the available stories