12 Apr 2024

Zester Sustainability Workshop

The Zester team had the honour of hosting a workshop regarding sustainability during April 8th’s CPD Day, courtesy of Mr John Turner. This was an excellent opportunity for Zester as this allowed us to extend our reach into the education industry.

We are a team of twenty-four Year 12 students from Island School who started a social enterprise, “Zester” back in September under the Junior Achievement Company Program, which involves over 70 Hong Kong schools (including rivalling ESF schools). Our inspiration for creating this product is that education surrounding global citizenship can be lecture-based and unappealing to students in schools, yet it is crucial. Hence, our mission was to provide a tool for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) education in the only way possible – without you getting bored.

During the sustainability workshop, we focused on three key aspects: our company’s purpose, product, and journey. Given our involvement in SDG education, we highlighted the significance of making global issues enjoyable through innovative teaching methods. To demonstrate our approach, we facilitated test-playing sessions with the teachers, encouraging their active participation. We valued their feedback, which proved invaluable for refining our methods. Furthermore, we dedicated time to exploring youth empowerment within ESF and shared our own experiences in driving the advancement of global citizenship development among our peers and fellow students.

The workshop was attended by a diverse group of staff members, including primary and secondary school teachers. Notable attendees included Mark Poulsum, the Principal of KGV, and Anthony Dixon, the Founder and Chairman of “The Alliance for Sustainable Schools.”

Cyrus Ng (12F) said “Over the past 8 months, every member of the Zester team has prospered both within and beyond our roles within the company; it truly has been a journey. We have high hopes in the upcoming awards ceremony hosted by JA and are currently planning possible outlooks for our future”.


Written by the Zester Team