16 Jul 2015

Year 8 project work exceeds expectations

The conceptual ideas considered by Year 8 students for their final project ranged from, how has comedy developed over the past 100 years to how can architecture help to reduce a community’s carbon footprint.

In the last four weeks of the school year students can choose any topic they wish to investigate for their final project but they must take their conceptual ideas or questions through a development stage to a considered outcome.

Theresa Knight’s (8D) documentary looked at how comedy has changed from slap-stick through to romantic comedy, using video clips along with her dialog to add a narrative to her journey of funny.

Ryan Leung (8D) decided to produce a booklet for his grandfather to encourage a healthy lifestyle, detailing what recipes and exercises can be done.

Harry Banham (8N) and Aika Noguchi both did projects about architecture Harry looking at the use of sustainable energy sources in developments while Aika (8R) looked at how buildings in Hong Kong have changed in the last 100 years.

Vice Principal Trudy Lant said: “The conceptual ideas and the project delivery of the students is amazing! In four weeks twelve year old children are producing fashion magazines, cookbooks, writing songs and building websites.”

“Tuesday, when the students presented their work, was a special day for me, I was overwhelmed by not just their final products but the way student had developed ideas, done their research and then considered how to present their findings.”