9 Sep 2022

Students engage with authentic and complex problems

As part of the new Explorations programme in Year 8, students heard from Andrea Richey, the Executive Director of the Hong Kong Shark Foundation. This local NGO raises awareness about shark conservation and the urgent need to stop the unsustainable consumption of all shark products, particularly shark fins. Mr Burrough, Deputy Head of Curriculum said, “While students engaged in this conservation story, one of the key aspects of the presentation that they took away was the variety of ways they could take action around any global issue they were interested in.” He added, “Our role as educators is to empower the change-makers of tomorrow and those change-makers are the young people who walk through our school each day. We want our students to be true global citizens and ensure they not only have an awareness of what is happening in the world but have the competencies to tackle these real-world issues.”

The new Explorations programme in Year 8, encourages students to inquire and tackle authentic and complex problems they are personally passionate about, so that they might develop the competencies and skills to succeed and be able to make a difference in our society. Students will be taking what they learnt from the talk with the Hong Kong Shark Foundation and applying it to their own advocacy project.

Mr Burrough,  “We are really excited about what students will pursue as they continue their journey as the change-makers of tomorrow.”