6 Dec 2019

Year 6 Students Learn in Labs

Students from Island School’s partner primary schools Beacon Hill and Peak visited the Tai Wai campus science labs on 4 Nov 2019 and 2 Dec 2019. The Year 6 students used Bunsen burners – learning about energy transfer and states of matter.

Throughout the year students from Years 5 and 6 will be visiting Island School’s science laboratories, under the supervision of Biology Teacher Mrs Fiona Wightman.

“It was lovely to see the students in the science laboratory.  They had the chance to light a Bunsen burner for the first time.  I was delighted to see their enthusiasm and energy to carry out the experiment, they were very knowledgeable about states of matter and put this to good use in explaining their results.” said Mrs Wightman.

Kate Sommerville, Senior Head of Wilberforce House and teacher in charge of the transition process explained, “The most important parts of transition are getting students familiar and comfortable in their secondary school surroundings and supporting their learning. Our science programme does this by working collaboratively with our primary school colleagues to provide a learning bridge from primary to secondary school.”