15 Feb 2019

Year 6 students get their first taste of the Island School Spirit

In a series of transition days, held this week, all the 190 Year 7 students joining Island School in 2019-2020 got their first taste of what it is like to be an Islander.

The visitors’ “Housemates” greeted them in the morning before helping them find their way around the school, answering questions as they went.

The Year 6 students then went to language lessons trying Spanish, French Japanese and Mandarin.

During their visits they took part in either PE, Drama or Food Technology lessons as well as joining in with older students at break and lunchtime playing soccer, two square and basketball. In the Food Tech room, groups cooked their own pasta, salad and garlic bread lunch, eating it together with their future teachers and some students who will be supporting them next year.