27 Oct 2017

Year 13 Student Takes Silver At The International Triathlon Cup

Kiara Jim won a place on the podium and a silver medal at the International Triathlon Union (ITU) Asian Cup on the, 21 October 2017. She completed a 375m swim, 10/15km bike and a 2.5km run. She said, “This was my first ever triathlon, I thought my swim and run was good, although the bike is something I can practice more. Nevertheless, there is a lot more room for improvement.” 

“Competing in a triathlon has been a goal of mine for a while now, so the fact that I completed my first race was very rewarding and I felt so fulfilled. Grabbing second place was a bonus in making this one of my most achieved experiences. Many thanks to my coaches and teammates at 26 Coaching, I’m loving every moment with you guys.”

Kiara came 2nd in her category and came 5th overall in the female discovery category. Island School student Anson Leung and Lily Sheary also performed well in the competitive youth divisions.