5 Nov 2021

Year 13 Chemists in Action

Over the past three weeks Year 13 Chemistry students have been working diligently on completing the Internal Assessment coursework component of the IBDP Chemistry course. This involved planning and conducting a practical investigation of personal interest. Investigations into the impact of salinity on the dissolved oxygen content of water, the relationship between the cultivar of an apple and its malic acid concentration, and calcium carbonate content in eggshells were some of the topic areas explored.

Grace Zheng, 13F, comments “The Chemistry IA has given me an opportunity to truly take charge of my learning by brainstorming, researching, designing and implementing my idea from start to finish. Not only have I been able to connect my learning to real-world applications, I have also developed my time management and critical thinking skills in the process. I’ve also learnt to troubleshoot problems along the way, constantly adjusting my plan based on the results of my experiment. Overall, I would say this has been a very valuable learning opportunity for me and I’m also more prepared to take science-related courses at university.”