27 May 2022

Year 12 Virtual TOK Exhibition 2022

To demonstrate how the abstract Theory of Knowledge (TOK) concepts and ideas manifest in the real world, Year 12 students completed their internal assessment and displayed their findings at the online TOK exhibition.

Using Padlet to collect their work, in the task, students were asked to select one of the given prompts, for instance, “Is bias inevitable in the production of knowledge” and show three real-world objects that are linked to the prompt. They then write a commentary for each of the three objects to explain its real-world context and how exactly the object relates to the prompt.

“From these online exhibits and constructive discussions the students have created, you will see how insightful, imaginative and intellectual they are. I am very proud of the work the Year 12s have done,” said Mr Alexey Popov, lead teacher of the TOK exhibition.