5 May 2017

Year 11 Sign Off

Dear Parents & Students,

The Year 11 Sign Off  Day has been scheduled for Wednesday 14th June, 2017. After students have returned ALL books outstanding or paid for missing books, they will be issued with their pin number. This is the only way students will be able to access their exam results online on 10th August, 2017.

Please note the following sign off procedure:

  • Year 11 students need to come to the General Office to collect a sign off form from 10am onwards.
  • All loantexts apart from Pure Maths and History  need to be returned on that day in the School Hall. Any lost or missing loantexts will be charged at HK$200 each. Please bring cash or cheque payable to ‘Island School’ in payment of lost or missing loantexts.
  • Outstanding library books will also need to be returned in the School Hall.
  • All outstanding fees need to be paid such as Activities fees (HK$700) or outstanding exam fees if applicable.
  • Students will be signed off by Houses in the following schedule:

2:00pm – 11D
2:15pm – 11E
2:30am – 11F
2:45am – 11N
3:00pm  –  11R
3:15pm  –  11W

  • History loantexts need to be returned to the Library from 7:30am to 4:00pm on 15th June, 2017.
  • Pure Maths loantext need to be returned to Room 415 from 5:30pm to 6:30pm on 20th June, 2017

If you have any queries or you need any further information, please contact the School Office at 25247135 or by email at school@online.island.edu.hk.

Sincerely yours,

Rebecca Yip
Business Manager