6 Nov 2020

Year 11 Geography Sai Kung Fieldwork Trip

On the annual trip to  Lung Hang River in Sai Kung Year 11 Geography students collected primary data for their IGCSE coursework on river landforms and processes, on 29th October 2020.

The students,  split into 6 groups,  investigated how velocity, bedload shape and size changed with distance downstream. At 4 points along the river the students used flow meters, secchi disks, clinometers and other equipment to collect data. They are now collating and analysing the data as they write their reports and coursework.

Moses Chan, 11E, said, “We ventured outside of school and explore the physical side of geography and learnt how to use various tools in the geographical world.”

Mr Davis, Head of Geography, said, “I’m particularly proud of the way students completed the work within a socially distanced context but still managed to have great fun in one of Hong Kong’s most pleasant country parks. The students demonstrated independent fieldwork skills, the trip was great preparation for courses such as IB Geography and Environmental Systems and Societies where studies of real world phenomena are important.”

Article by Anakin Teahan, Media Team

Photography by Ady Lam, Osbert Wong & Samrin Monami, Media Team