23 Jun 2021

Year 11 celebrates Graduation 2021 with a donation

Year 11 students celebrated the completion of IGCSEs in June. Due to the social distancing rules parents were not able to join the celebration on campus, but it was live streamed for all families and friends to watch. 

In lieu of a family breakfast reception, ISPTA presented the students with chocolate for a sweet end for the challenging year. According to the wishes of Year 11 parents, 10k, half of the budget originally reserved for the reception, was donated to Island School Trust’s Nicola and Kenneth bursaries, to help underprivileged Hong Kong students. Kandy Sum from ISPTA committee and Year 11 student representatives presented the cheque in the name Island School Class of 2023

ISPTA also pledged a $10k donation towards enhancements of the senior common room at the new Borrett Road campus, to be enjoyed by this cohort as the first group of Islanders to graduate from the new campus.