Year 10 & 11 Elements 


Year 10 & 11 Elements 
Art in Action Artworks 2
Fashion Forward Wearable Art
Cryptography Higher Level Maths
Leadership Matters
Film 101 Film 101
Freakanomics Freakanomics
Law Law
Psychology of Everything Psychology of Everything
Sports Performance Sports Performance
Geographical Explorer Geographical Explorer
Lord’s Kitchen Lord’s Kitchen
Speakeasy Speakeasy
Theatre Works Theatre Works
Critical Chemistry for IB Critical Chemistry for IB
F1 in Schools F1 in Schools
Big History Global Politics & Debate
And the beat the Goes On Musica Viva
Sports, Exercise and Health Science Sports, Exercise and Health Science
Fundamental Pre-IB Physics Fundamental Pre-IB Physics
Computer programming
Scientist in the Kitchen Scientist in the Kitchen
Quintessential Biology for IB



Old: to be reviewed and deleted

Actors Studio Island Arts
Artistic Expressions Island Dance
Dance Island Theatre
Island Drama Island Drama
Film 101 Island Film
Now that’s What I Call Music Island Music
Through The Eye Of The Lens Through The Eye Of The Lens
SupersonicsDJ  Supersonics and DJing
Urban Survival Urban Survival
EAL Power of English EAL Power of English
Stop Motion Animation Writers Block
Self Taught Languages  Self Taught Languages
Writers Block Writers Block
Social History  Social History
Philosophy at the Movies Philosophy at the Movies
Run Your Own Business  Run Your Own Business
Maths Genie Maths Genie
Maths for Life Maths for Life
How Stuff Works (Future Tech) How Stuff Works (Future Tech)
Outdoor and Adventure Education Outdoor & Adventure Education
Living STEM Living STEM
Molecular STEM Molecular STEM
Mechanical STEM Mechanical STEM
3D Product Design 3D Product Design
Architecture Architecture
Capturing Your Sweet Indulgence Capturing Your Sweet Indulgence
Food Lovers Guide to Culture Food Lovers Guide to Culture
Textiles Theory and Practice – Textiles 1 Design for a Circular Economy
Robotics Robotics
Garment Design & Construction Garment Design & Construction
Sports Performance Geographical Explorer
App Development: HTML CSS and JS App Development: HTML CSS and JS


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