Year 9, 10 & 11 Elements


Artworks 1, Y9-11 S1 Artworks 2, Y10-11 S2
AI@IS, Y9-11 S1 & S2 Architecture, Y9-11 S1 & S2
Art in Action, Y10-11 S1 Brilliant Books, Y9-11 S1 & S2
Capturing Your Sweet Indulgence, Y9-11 S1 & S2 Big History, Y10-11 S1
Cryptography, Y10-11 S1 Computing Data Science, Y10-11 S1 & S2
Critical Chemistry for IB, Y10-11 S1 & S2 Design for a Circular Economy, Y9-11 S2
Dance, Y9-11 S1 Don’t Hug Media – I’ve Gone Viral, Y9-11 S1
EAL Power of English,Y9-11 S1 & S2 Film 101, Y10-11 S1 & S2
F1 in Schools, Y10-11 S1 & S2 Freakanomics, Y10-11 S1 & S2
Food Lovers Guide to Culture, Y9-11 S1 & S2 Fundamental Pre-IB Physics, Y9-11 S1 & S2
Game Design – Programming, Y9-11 S2 Garment Design & Construction, Y9-11 S1 & S2
Global Politics & Debate, Y10-11 S2 Higher Level Maths, Y10-11 S2
How Stuff Works, Y9-11 S1 Island Dance, Y9-11 S2
Island Arts 2, Y9-11 S2 Island Drama, Y9-11 S2
Island Film, Y9-11 S2 Island Music, Y9-11 S2
Investigative STEM, Y9-11 S1 & S2 Law, Y10-11 S1 & S2
Leadership Matters, Y10-11 S1 Lord’s Kitchen, Y10-11 S1 & S2
Maths for Life, Y9-11 S1 & S2 Mechanical STEM, Y9-11 S1 & S2
Music Viva, Y10-11 S2 Maths Genie, Y9-11 S1 & S2
Now that’s What I Call Music, Y9-11 S1 Now That’s What I Call More Music, Y10-11 S1
Fundamental Pre-IB Physics, Y10-11 S1 & S2
Outdoor and Adventure Education, Y9-11 S1 &S2 Psychology of Everything, Y10-11 S1 & S2
Philosophy at the Movies, Y9-11 S1 & S2 Quintessential Biology for IB, Y10-11 S1 & S2
Run Your Own Business, Y9-11 S1 & S2 Robotics, Y9-11 S1 & S2
Scientist in the Kitchen, Y10-11 S1 & S2 SupersonicsDJ, Y9-11 S1 & S2
Self Taught Languages, Y9-11 S1 & S2 Stop Motion Animation, Y9-11 S1
Sports Performance, Y10-11 S1 & S2 Sports, Exercise and Health Science, Y10-11 S1 & S2
Through The Eye Of The Lens, Y9-11 S1 & S2 Theatre Works, Y9-11 S1
Urban Survival, Y9-11 S1 & S2 Unlocked Program
Writers Block, Y9-11 S1 & S2 Wearable Art, Y10-11 S1 & S2