Writers discuss with students the ways and means of campaigning and protesting

Editor from the Harbour Times Andrew Work and Founder of Independent Thinking Ltd Ian Gilbert chaired a student discussion on Saul D. Alinsky’s 1971 book ‘Rules for Radicals’ which outlines; the nature and the conditions for social change, the ways in which people can mobilise the disenfranchised  and the tactics they can use for direct arulesforradicalsction.

Andrew explained that the first rule of Alinsky’s book is don’t be a single issue group. By bringing together those who share similar views on similar issues, you can create a stronger group and a stronger campaign. The assembled group, on 13th April at Island School, talked about how this rule is evident in protests around the world from the recent protests in Iceland to ‘Occupy’ and the 70’s riots in England. Andrew and Ian quoted other rules from Alinsky;

  • Let go of the past – the future is change.
  • Some of the best leaders of change come from the Middle classes who are organised, educated and can understand two sides of an agreement.
  • When taking action consider does the ends justify the means.
  • Releasing control is ok – in the course of a campaign allow actions and events to unfold.
  • Never go outside the experience of your people – if violence is not part of your communities experience don’t adopt it.