29 Jun 2018

World Scholar’s Cup 2018 – Students Win Medals, Trophies and Come First Overall!

At the World Scholar’s Cup Global Round in Kuala Lumpur, between the 18-25 June, Island School’s teams amassed 115 medals and 1 trophy and most qualified for the next round – the Tournament of Champions in Yale. Van An Trinh from 11N represented Island School as part of a mixed school team which came first in the whole competition.

The numbers…
Over 7 days, 15 Island School students competed in the senior division against 2000 scholars from 38 countries. They competed in 3 debates, 1 essay writing competition and 600 multiple choice ‘bubbles’ plus the Scholar’s Bowl questions.

Jamie Lam 10D said, “Each of us emerged from the competition mentally drained, but victorious.”

“At the closing ceremony we were all jittery with nerves, but between our five teams we were awarded a total of 115 medals and 1 trophy. Even better, most of us have qualified for the next round – the Tournament of Champions in Yale.

Van An Trinh from 11N was part of a mixed school team. She received 16 medals, 11 trophies, and her team came first in the whole competition.

Christina Lee 10E said, “Aside from the academic activities, we spent a few days meeting students from around the world through community events like the Scholar’s Scavenge at Sunway Lagoon theme park. I also enjoyed the Debate Showcase and Scholar’s Talent Show.”
“We also went on a historical tour of Malacca, an UNESCO world heritage site rich with legendary buildings, ancient landmarks and colonial structures.”
“We would like to thank Ms Eves and Mr Nason for coming with us and giving us this opportunity to represent Island School.”

The 5 teams were:
Team 1: Christina Lee 10E, Nicole Tam 10W, Rachael Adams 10W
Team 2: Toto Yuen 11W, Catherine Choi 11W, Jonathan Yeung 11N
Team 3: Jaime Lam 10D, Gobind Thind 10N, Suneh Bhatia 10F
Team 4: Jaimie Lau 10W, Katya Foong 10N, Gloria Leung 10E
Team 5: Siddhant Vaduvur 10F, Arman Sharma 10N, Vinay Shah 10F