8 Dec 2023

World Scholars Cup

Last Friday, Mr Daniel Berdichevsky – a graduate of Stanford and Harvard universities, and the World Scholar Cup’s founder and Alpaca-in-chief – came into our school to give us a presentation. He provided insight into the tournament’s logistics and regulations as well as tips and tricks for the students to perform well. Not to mention the alpaca- Jerry that he gifted to one of the students!

In Term 2, we are delighted to announce that we will be reintroducing the World Scholar’s Cup ECA in Island School every Tuesday after school. We have had a prestigious record in previous years (prior to COVID-19) at the WSC, and we’re looking to reignite that legacy. Previous years have passed on to us the legacy of earning third place in the Tournament of Champions at Yale University; can we bring home the silverware this year? Please do not hesitate to contact one of us if you are interested!

Arnav Gupta (arnav.gupta@online.island.edu.hk)

Peter Yoon (peter.yoon@online.island.edu.hk)

Isabelle Woo (isabelle.woo@online.island.edu.hk)

Luciano Suen (luciano.suen@online.island.edu.hk)

Shaurya Sharma (shaurya.sharma@online.island.edu.hk)