23 Sep 2022

Winners of the Historical Photo Competition

To coverage students to observe and understand the historical places and artifacts around us History Teacher, Mel Weston, challenged students and staff to take photos of themselves at places of interest this summer. Students take photo of themselves in front of ancient places, medieval cannons and World War II warships. This video celebrate the entries recently.
The winners will receive vouchers to use at the school canteens or coffee shops.
The winning photos are:
Nicole Yuen 13W
Andrew Chan 11F
Giovanni Lucchini 11W
Mali Tan 8D
Argus Chan 8FF
Jacob Flach 9F
Juliette Rutkowski 12E
Jessican Chan 11F
Clement Kwan 12R
Nicholas Tsang 9E
Janice Yip 13N
Kin Ching Ip 12N
Matthew Wang 10N
Janice Yip 13N
Vaibhavi Palshetkar 11E
Timothy Chan 10D
Sophie Luk 12N
Natalie Ng 11R
Tracy Fu 12E
Isla Brown 8ER
Zhejun Anders 9W
Alexander Bray 13W
Rachel Yoon 11W
Naomi Pang 12F
Jayden Chan 8FP
Oliver Corlett 8RC