24 Mar 2023


This week Wilberforce arts and charity form representatives and senior student leaders organised a number of fun activities to raise awareness and money for our House charity, Chicken Soup Foundation.
The Easter delivery and carnival were a huge success, but the highlight for Wilberforce students, tutors and parents was having our first Wilberforce gala in three years.
Each form group performed their camp dance and we heard inspirational stories from guests from the Chicken Soup Foundation. 11W  Explorations students  researched a new Chicken Soup Foundation initiative, Soul Happy Birthday, and invited representatives from CSF to come share details about how the money we raise will help children of families in crisis have birthday parties.
All events were organised by Harsh Anand, Hilary Sin, Katie Adams and Ginny Park. Beth Hall VP member of Wilberforce House congratulated all involved, “I was so very proud of their enthusiastic participation, support for Chicken Soup Foundation and the leadership example that senior phase students set for Wilberforce Wai Sze House.”