16 Nov 2023

Wilberforce Charity Week 20th-24th November

Raising money for Chicken Soup Foundation, a charity that strives to support families financially and socially, as well as bring hope and empowerment, Wilberforce’s annual Charity Week is taking place next week.

Monday (20th)            Duck Delivery signups (Break)
Tuesday (21st)            Duck Delivery signups (Break), Teacher vs Student Karaoke (Lunch)
Wednesday (22nd)     Duck Deliveries (Registration), Wilberforce Carnival! (Lunch), Duck Plushie sale (Lunch)
Thursday (23rd)          Duck Deliveries (Registration), Wilberforce Gala (Thrive, Wilberforce students only)
Friday (24th)               Bake Sale (Break)

To help give back to our community and house charity, from the 20th to the 24th of November, Wilberforce will be running several events, all of which will be held in the Courtyard.


Duck Delivery

Using this Google Form, or by signing up during break in the Courtyard on Monday and Tuesday, you can send a teacher or peer a duck pin for $15. These pins will be delivered during registration on Wednesday and Thursday, and the ordering form closes on Tuesday at 3pm.   

Please drop your money off in the collection box at the general office, in an envelope marked with your name and form on it, before Tuesday 3pm.


Teacher vs Student Karaoke

As a new event this year, in the Courtyard during Tuesday lunch, teachers and students from Wilberforce will be going head-to-head in a karaoke battle, with different rounds featuring various individuals and our very own Mr. Loggie! Winners will be decided through a voting system through a story on our Instagram, @wilberforce_is.

Wilberforce students can, utilizing the form on their tutor group Google Classrooms, pledge an amount of money to see a certain member of staff perform a song, or nominate someone in their class to sing! 


Wilberforce Carnival and Duck Plushie Sale

Carrying on from last year, on Wednesday lunch, we’ll be hosting our Wilberforce Carnival, where you can purchase tokens to play games at our game stalls, and win exciting prizes!


At this time as well, we’ll also be selling our iconic duck plushies. Do note that these plushies are in limited stock, so once they’re sold out, they’re sold out. Don’t forget to get yours on the day! 


Bake Sale

To end off our week of excitement, Wilberforce will also be running a bake sale on Friday, featuring treats such as but not limited to cake pops, brownies, rice krispie treats, cookies, and more. To purchase them, students must purchase tokens they can then trade for our baked goods, handmade with love.

We hope you look forward to our Charity Week with as much enthusiasm as our Wilberforce House. If you have any questions, feel free to email our house leaders:

Alexandra Lai Alexandra LAI [12W]

Ethan Mak Ethan MAK [12W]

Isabelle Woo Isabelle WOO [12W]

Rachel Yoon Rachel YOON [12W]


Don’t forget to follow our instagram page, @wilberforce_is for more updates, and to vote for your favorite act for the Teacher vs Student Karaoke!