30 Aug 2017

Breakout Spaces and Creative Hubs at the New Campuses

The new campuses in Sha Tin are being refurbished with breakout areas and creative hubs around the schools. Several ESF schools already have these spaces and use them for a variety of different things. Vice Principal at Renaissance College Brandy Stern explains what impact they have on teaching and learning, “The creative hubs [breakout areas] are so beneficial for collaboration, that is a given. We all create in different ways and sitting behind a desk does not work for everyone. Sometimes we need a bigger space to spread out and think. Sometime students need to lie down and dwell on something for a while – so having different spaces is really helpful.”

“Research shows that students need a range of different environments to learn. Some hubs have high-tables for task-planning and comfortable sofas for more relaxed creative conversations. But departments can set them up as they wish.”