What the Spirit Fund will support

Visiting Professionals
This list is far from conclusive, but it gives an idea of the areas where a broader, more authentic and relevant education incurs costs.lightbuld

It will support the engagement of professionals to work with students to benefit their learning immensely. This includes visiting writers, actors, artists and musicians as well as expert sports coaches.

It will support courses requiring a range of different equipment, for example;

  • Hardware and software to build and programme robots,robot
  • Cameras and accessories such as lighting for the green screen studio,
  • Musical instruments and technological resources., Science equipment., and
  • Design and Technology tools like 3D printers and Blast Chillers.

Trips and Visits
It will support trips and visits, which all incur significant transport costs, and sometimes entry prices.
In the Lower School, Humanities and Island Time (a transdisciplinary course) students are finding out about their local environment with visits to museums and places of cultural and historical interest. Maths teachers take students out of the classroom to look at Maths in the real world, for example the Maths Trail in Aberdeen Park.

In the Middle School students take educational trips to locations including;building

  • Law courts and chambers,
  • Marine centers and projects,
  • Architectural buildings, and
  • Places of inspiration for art projects.

International Baccalaureate courses such as Geography and Biology need to explore the environment for field work. English, Art and Theatre students will visit galleries and theatres to see their material brought to life.Spirit Fund Final 12-13 v2

The Applied Learning Programme has a great emphasis on learning skills that are relevant to particular vocations. This takes those studying Business, Hospitality and the other subjects to a variety of venues to engage in real work experiences.

Please consider a gift to the IS Spirit Fund today, as our students reach for all of tomorrow’s hopes, dreams and goals.

Click here to see a brochure about the Spirit Fund which includes students talking about their love for learning.

Please email; development@online.island.edu.hk with any questions you might have about the Spirit Fund.