7 Sep 2018

Meet the Student Council


The Island School Student Council is the voice of the students. It guarantees that all students have a platform for communicating their viewpoints and thoughts with respect to student life.


Our Student Leadership Council is essentially comprised of leaders within these 7 areas;
Learning – Angie Wong
Sport – Paige Wills and Gwen Laot
Arts – Nobel Chan
Communications – Nicole So and Jeremy Kwok
Student Welfare – Aayush Batwara and Viva Sheth
Environment – Christophe Hatterer and Tiffany Luk
Community Outreach – Mallika Laul and Megan Lee
This is chaired by our current Head Students: Bakhita Fung, Matthew Wright, Esha Gidwani and Zaheu Jacota.

The Junior Student Council located in the Tai Wai campus also consists of the same 7 key areas;
Learning – Sarrah Ebrahim and Gloria Leung
Sport – Rachel Handley and Katya Foong
Arts – Nikhita Attaluri and Alison Lai
Communications – Chasya Cohen and Megan Wong
Student Welfare – Rachael Adams and Sarrah Ebrahim
Environment – Jaimie Lau and Nicole Tam
Community Outreach – Chloe Mak and Rachael Adams
This is chaired by Jaime Lam and Katya Foong.


The council meets regularly during lunchtimes or afterschool and agrees on their own agenda for items to work on throughout the year, in hopes of providing positive solutions and giving thoughtful feedback on important issues within the school. As well as implementing new ideas to help improve life at Island School and achieve a positive and open-minded learning environment.


We strongly encourage you to take on a leadership role within Island School, whether it be the student council or other job roles. Being part of the student council most importantly gives you the opportunity to develop your leadership skills by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects but also contributing to our school spirit and community welfare. Help embody the Island School spirit and join the student council!

Make sure to follow @isheadstudents on instagram for regular updates and feel free to message them with any questions or suggestions regarding student life! Stay tuned every week for updates on events, programs and new school implementations.