17 Jun 2022

What are people saying about being back at Borrett?

With everyone getting excited about the new campus at Borrett Road, we hear from staff and students who explain what they are looking forward to. 

Abigail Ho, year 12 Rutherford.

The new Borrett Road campus is so big and it looks so modern. It [the building] is really amazing and impressive. I’m also looking forward to seeing the Central Path because I think the design is really unique. Sha Tin is temporary and we all know that but returning to Borrett Road will be like returning to our new home. We will feel a sense of true belonging there knowing that it is our final destination.

This year we have had opportunities to mentor the year 7 and 8 students particularly within the House,  so we’ve kind of established that relationship already. When we move back, and being the oldest in the school, we’ll have responsibility for modelling Islander behaviours for the younger years. 

For me I think being an Islander is about embracing diversity but also striving for excellence. I really see that coming through within the student body.

Melanie Newby – Head of Nansen House and teacher of Psychology.

I am definitely looking forward to familiarising myself with the second floor at the new campus. Many of the Nansen tutor rooms will be located there, so it would be nice to learn how the House will use that space, for students to go between tutor groups to support one another. I know that we also have the theatre and performance space on the second floor, so that might be an area that we can use for House afternoons. In addition we have some outdoor spaces and a roof terrace. The Psychology teaching rooms were previously located by the garden at the old Borrett Road campus, which I’m aware was a zoo at one point in history, so I am definitely looking forward to those spaces as well. 

Being an Islander is very much about service; selflessly giving and contributing to the community, taking part, sharing, respecting and abiding to our values. Islanders strive to make a difference, and include and invite others to have a strong sense of belonging to the school. I find that being an Islander is something that stays with students beyond their school years – I have always seen examples and heard from alumni who deeply value their Island School experience and the strength of our pastoral care. I believe that the alumni voice captures the heart of the student experience at Island School. Returning to Borrett Road will help us to capture that voice again.

 Although dated, the Borrett Road building was such a fantastic school with great outdoor areas and corridors overlooking the playgrounds. The new building does the same I believe.  Our journey shows the patience and resilience of the school, the investment of the community and I think it will be a lovely reward and create lots of rich opportunities to open our school and work with the surrounding community in Central HK, as the newest secondary school in Hong Kong, and possibly Asia.

Houses will be able to reinforce a sense of unity and the family unit identity. It will give the Year 7  students an idea of their longevity in school and how they can aspire to be successful students and future leaders. Younger students will be able to see what is on offer to them and what they can offer the House and the school. 

For older Nansen students  and families who await the promise of returning back to Borrett road, our facilities will enrich their Island school career and create new avenues for exploration.