26 Jun 2019

We Are Heroes – Artists Power Up With Positivity

This year’s Island Arts production We Are Heroes saw visual arts, drama, dance, music and film come together for a celebration of positivity and the power of the individual on the 20 June 2019.

Stories and poems from Imaginings, (the school’s creative publication) inspired the different disciplines within the production –

Phil Tudor, Teacher of Music and the show’s producer said, “The Art exhibition juxtaposed neon-lit, super-sized hero figures with a profound installation that ‘blew away a wall of our fears. Orchestra opened the show with a thumping rendition of disco beats, dancers rode the rollercoaster of emotions whilst drama and film pieces affirmed that – ‘we are the heroes of our own story. This narrative continued right to the end as the whole troupe danced off to samba-infused David Bowie.”

Joe Travers, Head of Music said, “I was proud to see so many students on stage – brimming with confidence and clearly enjoying themselves”.

Matt Rappel, Vice Principal at the Tai Wai campus said, “I’m very impressed with the talent and inventiveness of Island School’s Creative Art students. We Are Heroes is an excellent example of what can be achieved when we are encouraged to take creative risks and collaborate”.

The Positive School’s Programme helped to form the themes within the Island Arts production. The audience included students from partner primary schools, residents from the Sun Choi Estate, Year 8 students as well as all parents and teachers.

Click here to see photo of We Are Heroes