11 May 2023

Wanderlust – Imaginings 2023

Imaginings magazine celebrates all forms of student creativity, and once again the standard of the submissions has been excellent; it has been a real privilege to see the range of imagination and skill from all year groups. Congratulations to all those whose work has been included!
Well done to Ms Eves’ team, who have worked tirelessly to bring this wonderful showcase of Island School creative talent together.
Y12 Team
Editor: Sophie Luk 12N
Designers: Leia Pham 12D & Jasmine Yu 12F
Publicity: Hannah Lee 12R

Y11 Team
Sub-Editor: Vaibhavi Palshetkar 11E
Sub-Designers: Shannen Cheung 11R & Joanna Jang 11W
Sub- Publicity: Gemma Kim 11D

Instructions for the golden ticket