7 Jan 2022

WANBO: Tree maintenance project in Mui Wo

WANBO committee members together with Maths Teacher, Mr. Scott and Horticulturist, Mr. Melsom continued their tree maintenance project on 11 December in Mui Wo. They initiated the project in June 2021 with two clear aims to plan trees and encourage forest growth. 

Ellie Ham (11R), one of the students involved in this excursion, and an existing member of WANBO, said: “It was a great experience thinking that I actually played a part of what would possibly become a forest in the future.”

“In my opinion, the tree maintenance trip was an excellent opportunity to gain experience, knowledge and understanding surrounding the replantation of trees around Hong Kong.”, said Arnav Gupta (10R), another WANBO member.

Tree planting, as well as maintenance, is an activity that students within the WANBO committee value greatly, and wish to carry on into the future. Requiring individuals to collect and bring quantities of water to a specific place, students were given an opportunity to water the trees as well as remove surrounding parasites—organisms that could prove a deterrent from the plants’ growth. Not only did this provide an exemplary way to show care as well as passion towards the protection of the environment, but additionally improved the plants’ well-being as a whole.

Current WANBO Deputy Head, Ginny Park (11W), stated: “The tree maintenance trip, evenly balanced practical work and learning, was a unique experience to have in my opinion.”

We can take this opportunity to get more involved with activities directed towards the betterment of the environment—regardless of impact. Every small action counts!

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