22 Apr 2022

WANBO – Polystyrene donations wanted

The Polystyrene Recycling Initiative is looking to the Island School community for more donations of expanded polystyrene, aka Styrofoam. Run by Ady Lam (12E) and Sam Hui (12W), this project aims to recycle polystyrene into sticky glue.

Polystyrene is usually white and used in food containers, hot beverage cups, and as cushioning material in packaging. However, it’s rarely recycled since it’s usually contaminated by food and rather bulky (expanded polystyrene is 98% air). This makes transportation to recycling hubs relatively cost-inefficient. As a result, this plastic can take up to 30% of space in landfills, with over 13 million tonnes of Styrofoam being disposed of annually.

To combat the problem of polystyrene waste, Island School students are recycling the plastic but would like to ask you for more donations. There are polystyrene collection bins near the entrance at the Tai Wai campus and in the undercover area at the Sha Tin Wai campus. Please ensure any polystyrene you donate has been cleaned and washed! If you’re not sure whether you have the suitable plastic, check the number on the plastic – it should be type 6.

We are currently looking for eager volunteers to help us recycle Polystyrene and save the planet. If you would like to get involved with this project, please contact Ady at ady.lam@online.island.edu.hk or Sam at tszhin.hui@online.island.edu.hk.

Article by WANBO